Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Poll Results

Dyed red Easter eggs and Tsourekhi

Well, well. . . interesting results.  Thanks for your contributions, everyone!  It seems that the most meaningful aspect of Easter for respondents was the chance to have that extra long weekend.  I guess in our stressed-out, hectic lives, the idea of having a few days to escape from the rat race is extremely appealing. Running close behind was the Christian meaning of Easter. It's odd, but most people I have come across in Sydney (apart from family members and close family friends) in the last few days have told me that Easter has no religious relevance in their lives. For Australians of Greek heritage, Easter is arguably the most important period of the year and one during which they feel most connected with their cultural ancestry.  It's also the time those people of Greek Orthodox faith who don't regularly attend church suddenly come out of the woodwork; churches are bursting with snappily-dressed parishioners whose last liturgical experience was a funeral or christening. Of course, Greek Easter is a combination of religious observance, chatting to relatives and eating too much lamb and chocolate on Easter Sunday.  Such was the case for me today. . . the diet will start as soon as the leftovers and chocolate run out!

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